Online Business Tools

MACP05-CBE01 Business Tools Updates And Support

Ecommerce Business Tools Updates And Support (Plugins)
Yearly renewal fees 500.00/year

(core ecommerce function licensing) Shipping rate table (POS Malaysia ready), payment gateway (PayPal ready), PDF invoice & packing slip, order tracking, brands, advanced editing, product bundle software 1 year license leasing. (In the event of site transfer out of Webbpages Premium Hosting Services, setup fee and additional license fee charges will be incurred)
● Bugs, technical issue online and in-house support for website business tools. (Design/Feature request customizations and etc. are charged separately)
● Tutorials & Guides for all website Business Tools.
● Online Support and In-House Training for CMS (content management system) and business tools related issue.

Webbpages Business Development Club
Android, iPhone, Tablet & iPad Webbpages General Apps (GA) for User
Android, iPhone, Tablet & iPad Webbpages Administration Apps (AD)
Future new features updates for Webbpages apps & plugins included.

MACP03-AFF02 WebbLink Merchant Affiliate Tracking

WebbLink Merchant Program worth RM2,876
(Complimentary Two (2) Years, subsequently RM1,188/Year)

Expand Your Sales Team By 100 Times In Minutes &
Grow Your Business With Our Affiliate Team!

No marketing cost involved if there is no sales.
Merchants will approved and pay commissions upon payment when there is an actual sale or when services is provided.

● Your own commission structure

● Pay only when you approve the commission

● Unlimited Number of Affiliates

● Online and offline affiliate marketing network

● Advance online affiliate promotion platform

● Monthly Commission clearance

● Unlimited Number of Affiliates

● Campaigns, Banners & Transactions Setup

WebbLink charge 1% on gross transaction value or GTV


Your website must be hosted by Webbpages