MACP05-HPP01 Premium Hosting Package

Server Hosting Package
- cPanel login
- Unlimited email
- 10GB Diskspace
- 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
- Unlimited sub-domain

MACP05-HPB01 Basic Hosting Package

Email Hosting Package
- 10 email users
- 5GB Diskspace
- 10GB Monthly Bandwidth

MACP05-YSR01 Webbpages Premium Hosting Services

Webbpages Premium Hosting Services - Build at the speed of Google Cloud Platform
Yearly renewal fees - RM990/Year

● 5 hour per year for content update & minor design changes
● Includes 2 email addresses (250MB storage/email), additional email at RM60/year
● Hosting Services (Disk Size 5GB, Monthly Bandwidth 10GB)
(core function licensing) Website template, online form, newsletter & autoresponder software 1 year license leasing. (In the event of site transfer out of Webbpages Premium Hosting Services, setup fee and additional license fee charges will be incurred).
● (core function plugins updates & maintenance) WordPress, website template & CMS, newsletter & autoresponder, online form & live chat.
● Cross-Browser Compatibility Check & Website Security Patches
● Auto Backup
● Service Monitoring of server performance and website usability
● Online Support and In-House Training for hosting server, CMS (content management system) and website template related issue.
● Major server issue maintenance such as security breach will be quoted separately by case to case basis.

Hosting Services Terms & Conditions
(Additional charges when exceeded the hosting services above)
Bandwidth pricing - pay only for what you use at USD0.30 per GB/month (RM equivalent)
Disk pricing, USD0.30 per GB/month (RM equivalent)